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The Great Frantic Novel

Let's write laughably awful yet lengthy prose together

50,000 words and counting.
3 July
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My name is Dasherly.

For the month of November, this journal will be my life. I will write about everything that I see, everything that I know, and everything that I remember. Classmates and friends and strangers will inevitably work their way into this desperate tapestry, this not-so-eloquent story embroidered with memories, this autobiographical narrative patched with fiction and frayed along the seams. I will taste the bittersweet wine of the painfully written word, and know the frantic, driving hunger that consumes every writer as they drown themselves in prose.

I am drunk on life and high on typewriter ribbons. And I will reach 50,000 words.

Come with me.

Projects In Progress (quasi-completed)

Beautiful Strangers (Nanowrimo 2005)

Woefully Untitled (Nanowrimo 2004)

She Thought She Was a Dust Storm, She Thought She Was a Drop of Rain (Nanowrimo 2002 & 2003)

Nanowrimo 2001 was scrapped for extreme crappiness and very little salvageable content that did not cause one's eyes to bleed.

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